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WCCFA Facility

In 1984, in keeping with its philosophy of preservation, WCCFA acquired and renovated a hundred-year old, 5200 square foot building located in the historic westside of downtown Denver.

WCCFA has a locked door policy with screened admission only. All windows and doors have security irons. The facility is equipped with a burglar alarm system, including a direct line fire alarm which is monitored 24 hours a day. WCCFA also carries the highest Underwriters' Laboratory rating.

The laboratory includes two 7 1/2 ton heating, ventilating and air conditioning units. There are three "on-call" humidifiers fed by a deionized water system, a localized conditioned make-up air unit and a central exhaust air system providing a contaminant and dirt-free, climate-controlled environment.

Color-balanced fluorescent lights with low ultraviolet emission and double-laminated UV filtering windows are utilized throughout the laboratory.