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Do I need to make an appointment or can I just stop by?

Please Email Us or call (303) 573-1973.  Please direct all inquiries to Nancy Jurbala, Office Manager.

Can a WCCFA conservator give me a cost estimate while I wait?

Typically, it takes five business days for a conservator to examine the painting and determine a cost estimate. This is usually done at no charge.  However, if an on-the-spot estimate is required, a $50 charge may be assessed.

How much does conservation treatment cost?

A trained conservator will examine your painting and determine a COST ESTIMATE.

Can WCCFA give me a cost estimate over the phone? Or can I email an image of my painting?

A WCCFA conservator will be happy to speak with you about treatment possibilities for your painting. However, firm estimates can be given only after a visual examination of a painting. No treatment will be undertaken without an authorized contract.

Can I make payments for the conservation treatment over time?

Full payment is due at time of pick up or within two weeks of receipt of invoice, unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Do I need special insurance while my painting is at WCCFA?

Insurance coverage by Huntington T. Block Insurance Agency, Inc. can be purchased through WCCFA. Other insurance options include: providing a certificate of insurance naming WCCFA additionally insured or executing a Hold Harmless Agreement.

If I decide not to continue with treatment on my painting, can I store it at WCCFA?

WCCFA is not a storage facility. We only store paintings that are in the studio for examination and/or treatment.

Does WCCFA pay for shipping charges?

Shipping charges, insurance costs, stretchers, crates/shipping boxes and costs for other extraordinary materials are in addition to conservation costs.

Can WCCFA tell me what my painting is worth?

WCCFA does not appraise or authenticate. However, we do cooperate fully with outside contractors and consultants at the client’s request. A small charge may be required to cover time spent consulting with outside contractors.

What other services does WCCFA provide?

In addition to conservation treatments, WCCFA also provides collection surveys, on-site examinations/treatments, lectures/workshops/seminars, consultations on collections care, materials analysis and emergency intervention. These services are billed hourly. For on-site projects, time is billed for preparation, travel, accommodations, time on-site and reports and administration.