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Onsite Conservation Treatment at the Utah State Capitol

In response to geological studies, the State of Utah authorized plans for a complete historic preservation and base isolation retrofit to the building through a renovation and restoration program.  The renovation committee integrated the restoration of the artwork and design to capture the vision of the original architect, Richard Kletting.

The project’s most intricate work was the restoration of over 6,000 square feet of fixed murals, which were darkened, damaged or had been painted over.  WCCFA art conservators climbed up and down twelve flights of scaffolding in 90-degree heat for six weeks in order to clean, in-paint,  repair water damage as well as mend tears in the murals that encircle the Capitol rotunda. The contract between WCCFA and the Utah State Capitol also included the treatment of  multiple paintings transported to the Denver studio.  

On January 4, 2008, the renovation was complete. The State Capitol now houses several new additions to familiar works including the murals and governors' portraits.  Many works of art are now installed in restored spaces that enhance conservation, including appropriate mounts and newly written labels telling the story of each painting and artist.