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Conservation Services

 WCCFA provides museum-standards conservation treatment for paintings and painted surfaces. Each conservation treatment is thoroughly documented with photographs and written reports.  Treatments are carried out using only approved museum-standards materials and methods.

In addition,WCCFA provides:

Examination of artworks to determine condition and to provide treatment proposals and cost estimates.      
Consultation and planning on collection maintenance and environmental control, storage, handling, and shipping.
On-site conservation for non-transportable artworks. 
Emergency services (flood and fire damage, etc.) 
Coordination and interpretation of technical materials analysis.       
Lectures, seminars, and workshops on art conservation including care and awareness training available to fine arts professionals, museum staff, and concerned individuals. 
On-site surveys of collections to assess the condition of specific artworks, the environment, storage and the general facility in order to prioritize conservation and preservation needs.
WCCFA works to provide clients with short and long-term conservation plans as well as provide cost-effective, museum standards conservation treatments in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice of the American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.