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The Western Center for the Conservation of Fine Arts

WCCFA has been providing art conservation services to the public and private sectors for 30 years. Our clients include numerous museums, galleries and other public institutions, as well artists, private clients and corporations throughout the country.

We are committed to a total care and preventive conservation approach. We offer public lectures, seminars, and workshops focusing on proper care, handling, storage, and examination techniques, with the intention to educate the public and museum professionals about the field of art conservation as well as the great benefits of minimizing damage and deterioration to their artworks. 

Our Philosophy

Conservation of historic and artistic works is a pursuit requiring special aptitudes, extensive training, and a high sense of moral responsibility.  It places in the hands of the conservator cultural holdings of great value and historical significance. The conservator has obligations not only to the historic and artistic works with which he is entrusted, but also to the owners or custodians, his colleagues and trainees, his profession, the public and to posterity. It is our mission to collect, interpret, exhibit, and preserve the things which comprise our heritage.